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Windows 10 blueprint & iOS widgets design

Redesign projects

What started as two redesign projects with detailed analysis for Windows 8 (2013) and iOS 7 (2014), evolved into a credited inspiration for both Windows 10 and iOS 14's widgets. Originally published on The Verge with worldwide coverage on Business Insider, TechCrunch, Input and many more.

The largest French-speaking community in North America

1.5 million across Instagram & YouTube

With more than a million subscribers/followers and over 130 million views, La Patte creates videos, photos, books and games to inform and entertain, working closely with more than 50 partners, including Google, Microsoft, Samsung and Disney.

Reached #1 in the App Store and Play Store

Super Fudge series

Originally created for our community to put awareness on black rescue cats, Super Fudge exploded into the top of the App Store and Play Store charts gaining over 150,000 players in less than 48h. The series expanded with SF Arcade and SF 2:RETRO with an upcoming multiplayer party game.

Modernizing long-term care


After a deployment as a Medic with the Canadian Armed Forces during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic in Quebec's long-term care facilities, a new company was formed after seeing the chaos happening in those establishments. Neptune is currently under development to support an aging population and lack of innovation in the sector.




If it's something you see or interact with, it's my cup of tea! I would rather spend 10 hours in front of a whiteboard than 15 minutes working on a backend. My expertise is in crafting bespoke experiences for humans. Whether it's for an interface or a marketing campaign, the strategy and research behind is what I love doing most; more variables, more fun!



Flowcharts and wireframes are great, but there's a reason we say that an image is worth a thousand words. With so many tools available to create 3D, 2D, vector drawings, animations and interactive experiences, it would be a shame to stop at the concept and not plunge into the execution, from the image to the code.

Content Creator

Instagram & YouTube

For more than half of my life, I've been creating content across blogs, video-sharing platforms and social media or helping others start their channels and even OnlyFans. What began as side-projects for fun and helping my girlfriend with her channel became our full-time job entertaining and informing millions.


Canadian Armed Forces

Currently serving in the Primary Reserve of the Canadian Armed Forces as a Medical Assistant in the 51st Field Ambulance. Joined the Forces in the Infantry before switching to the Royal Canadian Medical Service. I have also participated in many Public Affairs and Recruitment Operations because of my civilian expertise.

Father & Daredevil

Skydiver & Motocyclist

Other than work, life doesn't have to be boring! I'm the Father of a beautiful (and quite energetic) little girl. Nothing is more relaxing to me than jumping out of a perfectly fine airplane or enjoying a ride on my amazing CB650R. Always looking for ways to safely risk my life.




Machalani Inc. is currently developing Neptune, a modern platform to oversee long-term care. With an ageing population and lack of innovation in the sector, we want to bring tools that will improve the care of patients/residents and the lives of caretakers.

La Patte


La Patte is one of the biggest media companies in the province of Quebec. We create content for a community of millions, offer marketing services, make bestselling books, create interactive experiences and find ways to help through our non-profit organization. Our clients include many Fortune 500 companies.



Mobile games studio currently working on the Super Fudge series. Our objective is to make awesome games to kill boredom and create awareness for rescue animals. Super Fudge 2: RETRO is our current game, with an upcoming multiplayer party game in the series honouring Fudge that crossed the rainbow bridge in early 2023.



Consulting and design services from early stage to large projects covering user experience, user interface, branding, marketing and PR needs.

Société Kolab


Developing kolab, a rethinking of online collaboration designed around social features for students. artists and professionals featuring: a fully customizable interface with file sharing, video chat, task management, audio-synched note taking and apps all around a fully featured real-time text editor. Reached an 8 figures valuation.

other projects

iOS Blocks


A detailed proposal featuring iOS' potential for home screen widgets blending the best from Android and Windows Phone's implementation specifically for the iPhone and iPad experience. Includes an in-depth analysis of the mobile OSes landscape at the time. Apple implemented a near-exact solution after 6 years officially.

Windows 8 Redesign


Windows 8 was released with plenty of criticism and opposition. This redesign proposal tried to showcase an alternative vision for a proper evolution of Windows, considering where Microsoft was trying to go and where users wanted to stay. Microsoft released Windows 10 years later, implementing many ideas from this concept.

Cybersecurity Workshop


Developed in collaboration with the non-profit Québec Numérique, this cybersecurity workshop was specifically designed to be entertaining and informative for teens. Presented as a "Hacking 101" 1-hour presentation, they learned about the different threats and dangers from hardware to software, from passwords to VPNs. Originally presented at the Musée de la Civilisation du Québec.

Coding Workshop


Developed in collaboration with Google, "Coding with Chromebook" was a free activity for kids and teens to learn the basics of programming through Scratch with the CS First curriculum. The objective was to show that coding is more approachable and accessible for all ages and genders.

Creator Workshop


Developed in collaboration with the non-profit Québec Numérique for the WAQjr (Web à Québec). With the growing popularity of YouTubers, streamers and influencers, many teens see this as a potential career choice. How does it work? How do you make money? Is it a viable "job"? What are the odds of success in this field? All are covered in this workshop!

Modern Steam


Steam is one of the most important gaming service in the world, operating through one of the most lacking and poorly-updated software in the world. This quick redesign proposal explored a modernized "metro-style" experience for Desktop and Mobile.

Start Menu Reviver 2


Following the worldwide success of the Windows redesign project, ReviverSoft, maker of the Windows 7-style Start Menu Reviver software for Windows 8, approached me to implement the core principles of my Start Menu designs in their second version.



Design for the western version of the popular jjanglive live video-sharing app. The team used the UX/UI mockups to secure multimillion dollars investment to develop the popular Korean app for the European/American market.

Stardock SpaceMonger


Stardock acquired SpaceMonger, a freeware utility to monitor and manage storage space for the PC, drives and network storage. Two designs were provided to the team; an easy-to-implement modernization of the current UI and a longer-term vision for future iterations of the program.



Buying a new device is often difficult since the only accurate information is a long and complicated specification sheet with no way for the everyday user to interpret it efficiently for their needs. moblivu was a working concept prototype to modernize the specification sheet into a visual grid and provide an algorithmic weighted score and visual award for each device based on different users' lifestyles and needs.

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