kultura is a TV show about the multicultural/multi-ethnic vision of Montreal. The goal of the show is to showcase different artists, activities and places in the multi-ethnic community of Montreal. The show is aimed to air on the International Channel/Canal Internationnal (ICI) CFHD-DT.

Jay Machalani, Art Director

Ground work under contract and per-show editing/styling

Design a visual identity for a new TV show. Explore a different innovative view on TV show structure and organization.  Per-episode work for editing and styling.

Logo and promotional content, Visual identity guidelines, Animations for cut-scenes and titles, Promotional video for technical demonstration

Technical demo of the animations and feel of the show. 


The name "kultura" comes from the Esperanto word for "culture": kulturo. Esperanto was a proposed universal langage merging together English, French and Spanish into a simple new artificially created language. The story behind Esperanto and the word "culture" created an excellent ground for the name. The name and logo needed a clean, universal look and feel.


The kultura logo does not have a prefixed color and will adapt depending on what is shown on the screen. Since the show features people and places from all colors, so should the design language. This block shows the kultura main logo in a presentation format adding the titles, translated name and color gradient to showcase the logo's color morphing abilities.


Each category in the show has its own logo which gives the opportunity for a defined styling for each category. They are all animated with an entry/exit animation and related styling elements around it.


This forms the basic identity of the show. 


Some category logos are even animated in 3D space like the kultura arts logo in which the flying shards rotate and fly in 3D space with the column getting built one piece at a time.


[Capture] When presenting a country, I experimented with the universal titles and playing with the colors to match those on the flag of the country.


At the beginning of the show, a QR code would appear and once scanned with any mobile device, will give the viewers a page with all the links and information about the show and also an aggregation of the conversation from Twitter. This would be a live feed.


[Capture] All the names would appear 3D tracked with the head movement of the person presented/talking for a more dynamic approach.


[Capture] When presenting an artist or person, a scanning effect with all the information appearing on-screen next to him would be used for a more dynamic and interactive approach.


Jay Machalani, 2013