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The Mac Pro is really nice, but really flawed...

The Mac Pro is really nice, but really flawed...

I watched the Apple presentation.

Honestly, I didn't have high expectations. I mean, we all knew what was coming with the leaks and Apple's recent simple-safe-boring updates over the past few years. A lighter&thinner iPad with a better processor to hold a stretched grid of static childish icons that can even run two things at once, smaller MacBook Pros with Retina Displays without any wow factor or special feature and OS X Mavericks, which is, again, an obvious evolution from the previous OS.

What I found interesting though is the new Mac Pro. It looks like a trash can, but the design is not where I'm interested about this product. You see my main computer is an Alienware Aurora R3 and it's freakishly huge. I love that monster computer with the lights and striking design, but the idea of a compact super powerhouse on your desk in also very interesting.  Power, lots of power and that is perfect for someone like me with huge power needs when rendering huge scenes in 3DS Max and compositions in After Effects. Of course, I would install Windows 8.1 on it and leave OS X on the side, but the computer itself is amazing.

The only problem is that for a super-powered workstation for professionals it sucks; they completely forgot how professionals actually work. They wrongly oversimplified the product to the point that it will be a pain to use in a lot of use scenarios. 

 Let me explain!

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