Wikipedia "Spoiler" button

[WARNING: This article contains spoilers about the series Breaking Bad.] 

Movie and TV shows are two very sacred thing in my life; I watch them in a very religious manner.

When I'm watching something I do not want to hear anyone, do anything else or worse, get any spoilers.

I find that there's nothing more satisfying than watching a great movie or show and being surprised. No trailers, no information, no reading about it; a blank slate in your mind about what's in front of you and going to happen.

While I was power-watching Breaking Bad through Netflix I wondered why my Season 5 didn't have all the episodes and why at some places I read that there's a Season 6 and other said Season 5 (PI&PII).

I hate knowing what's happening in front of me, but I love having all the bits of story and information about what's behind it. Here's where Wikipedia is my dear friend! 

After a small Google search, I ended up on the Wikipedia page and I scrolled down right to the "Season 5" section of the article, wondering what happened with the organization of the last season. 

 Here's what I got. 

Now the first paragraph is perfect; it gave me all the information I wanted about how the last season is structured.

The really crappy part is how directly under that piece of information you have those massive spoiler blocks just waiting for your poor eyes to inadvertently look down and ruin something. That, is exactly what did happened.

My eyes just jumped by themselves on "Skyler and Walter Jr. are distraught over Hank's death..." and now I knew that Hank dies; I felt like shit.

Here's my idea. 

I understand that Wikipedia's goal is to give every single information possible, but I'm sure that it won't hurt if some of them are under a small curtain.

Behold the Spoiler filter!

Every Wikipedia page about entertainment (movies, video games, books, etc.) could have a spoiler filter in place so you can decide if you want to see Wikipedia's full description of the story or not. A simple button could be placed on the top right of the page and be toggled to reveal any spoilerific (yep, that's a word now) content.

Of course, there would be an option to reveal just a section in particular.

So next time, I get my piece of information while keeping that piece of the show in suspense. 


Edit (6:52PM 11/10/13): Well it seems that Wikipedia actually had that feature and removed it in 2007 for good reasons (link). I still think though that there should be some better division between the information and the story description and that they should not be mixed together.

Thanks to a comment on this site and the users at Hacker News