Blueprints for a better Windows

In a couple of weeks, I will post a detailed analysis of Windows 8 with ways to "fix" some of the issues.

Technically you can't fix an operating system or application because there will never be a moment when you are done with the design; you can always improve, do more or evolve with the needs.

I really love Windows 8 and this is why I want to find ways to improve that great operating system and try to help Microsoft in their quest to innovate the interface world. Apple isn't moving (even going backwards with iOS 7), Google is improving Android thanks to the amazing work of Matias Duarte (my main phone right now is an HP/palm pre 3) and Microsoft is pushing computing with some amazing ideas.

Yes, a lot of those ideas are poorly executed, but they are trying nonetheless compared to Apple who's praised for not doing a lot of things right now. Google found a perfect balance of innovation and steady focus especially recently with their product line. Their Nexus program and integrating solutions (except the stupid YouTube+ where you can't even reply to someone) with evolving coherent design is placing Google as the best balance in innovation and quality.

My personal preference is still to the crazy who wants to push things and fuck up everything a load of ideas though; I'm here to help Microsoft!